In order to continue to live my purpose I have made it my mission to help, support & guide you through yours. I know we aren't perfect, I know the world isn't perfect, but I also KNOW in my soul there is more for me & you and that change starts with US. 

Hi there, I'm Sabrina Marie


I felt alone.
Jealous of what other people had.
Sick of surface level connections.
I couldn't stop my mind from racing.

I was sick of questioning my self. 
I knew there was more for me. 

I cannot explain in words how this felt except the pain I normally felt switched and was fueled by passion.

I no longer was relying on others to help me.

I was going to look inward for the answers. I was going to FIND the change I needed.

I'm obsessed with helping women heal 


When I tell the story of my childhood and growing up people tell me it sounds like a movie. That always feels surreal to me because it was my normal. It is quite literally my life.

Early Adulthood wasn't much better...
 If I were to tell you ALL the stories of the people I dated, the things I did, the terrible relationship stories... it was bananas.
But, I couldn't change it.... The abuse, the chaos, the gossip. I had no clue what healing or growth even was. 

Despite a successful career I was not where I knew I could be. After an honest talk with myself and the universe I was determined to make change. 
I went inward, dug deep, put all the focus on me (what I had been avoiding) and then cried, screamed, slept, ate, and all the things I needed to heal.

But then work became different.
I could feel a deeper mission in my soul.
My purpose had changed.
I knew helping women heal had been the reason I was still here.
My saving grace during my journey was being a guide for others. 
The constraints of therapy wouldn't allow me to do what I loved, so I quit everything I knew and started coaching. 

What they say is true. The amount of happiness we feel is based on the relationships in your life
 ( including the one you have with yourself)

I KNOW there is more for me & you and that change starts with Investing in US 

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grey's anatomy

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