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Gone are the days of wondering if you are doing it right, distracting yourself to avoid things, and not feeling valued in relationships.


Early Adulthood wasn't much better...
 If I were to tell you ALL the stories of the people I dated, the things I did, the terrible relationship stories... it was bananas.
But, I couldn't change it.... The abuse, the chaos, the gossip. I had no clue what healing or growth even was.

Despite a successful career I was not where I knew I could be. After an honest talk with myself and the universe I was determined to make change.
I went inward, dug deep, put all the focus on me (what I had been avoiding) and then cried, screamed, slept, ate, and all the things I needed to heal.

But then work became different.
I could feel a deeper mission in my soul.
My purpose had changed.
I knew helping women heal had been the reason I was still here.
My saving grace during my journey was being a guide for others.
As I continue to grow and evolve so do my clients .

When I tell the story of my childhood and growing up people tell me it sounds like a movie. That always feels surreal to me because it was my normal. It is quite literally my life.

My Life Story

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Jess B

When I first started with Sabrina, I wasn't very confident in who I was and the choices I made. I was CONSTANTLY worrying about what other people thought of me which made me a people pleaser for most of my life. I also had a lot of unhealed trauma from my childhood. As a mother of 2, I worried ALL OF THE TIME on how these things affected me and the way I parented. I worried that it was only a matter of time before my husband left me as I thought I was "too much". For the past 17 years, I have lived a very anxiety-filled life. Enter Sabrina. From the 1st time I met her on my "Clarity Call", I knew she was different, and that this experience was going to be different than any other therapy I have had in the past. She gave me so much optimism and hope in that short 30 min call that I couldn't wait to sign-up for my 1:1 sessions.


"I wanted to send a quick thank you. As a single other of 4 I often find myself in survival mode. Since using the self awareness log and slowing down to manage my emotions I have noticed I show up different with my children. I am so grateful for you and your strategies."


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I waited 6 months to find the right coach and Haisley was "the one"!


If you are new to my world I was a therapist for 8 years ( still licensed) and transitioned to online coach. 

I could not find the help I needed to heal my trauma, let go of the past, find healthy relationships, and that deep senses of fulfillment. So I researched, tried, failed, and finally got to peace. I created resources so your journey doesn't have to be as bumpy. 

I'm Sabrina 


Say hello to peace, confidence, and direction

Say goodbye to an unknown future

Without us knowing we develop our internal dialogue throughout childhood . Our actions as adults are a result of that internal dialogue. What we are not aware of is we can CHANGE it.  

How will your life change when you invest in yourself?